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I ordered a black cashmere faux fur wrap on 12/03/2018. The company deducted my money from my debit card!!

This order was completed and I thought I would be getting my order within 2 weeks!!! I inquired about my order on 12/16/2018?? I was told then, that my order was being processed and made to order as it was coming from China!!!! I was advised to be patient and it would ship out in a couple of days!!

Well all my questions and answers were by e-mail only...... Now, the representative told me, to expect my order on 12/22/2018!!! I was very upset as I had to go and purchase another item in place of this wrap!!! They still had my money !!!

Well, they stated that if I refused my order when it was delivered that the shipping company would destroy the merchandise! !! So, on 12/23/2018 I wanted thenorder canceled and now they tell me , that they will refund my money!! Minus the shipping charge and in 3 weeks I should see the money refunded to my account!!

Now, I believe that they never processed the order period!

!! Never again for me ever!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Jjshouse Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $50.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

JJsHouse Cons: Fact that they lied to me from the get go.

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RIP off I cant believe they are still in business why hasn't the Better Business shut them down. They have beautiful pics of all these dresses and when you get your order it's nothing like the pic.

Then good luck trying to get a full refund. They make their money on the money you dont get back plus your out the item.


file a dispute with your debit card company. i had to do this and after a long time i finally did get a refund. most companies don't charge the card until the item is shipped.

Nancy S

i don't appreciate being attacked about my video that was posted on your website!!! the people that are responding , need to listen better and make a fair assessment of what I had stated on my video.

You just can't fix STUPID PEOPLE!!!!!! I can accept fair comments about my experience, but the mean spirited people need to move on!!!!!


I watched your video on YouTube with this review. Stop blaming your age.

I'm also a senior citizen and know better than to click on a link because I see something that looks nice and then just throw my debit card info out there. For starters you did zero research on the company. If you had you would have known it was in China. Secondly you didn't research REVIEWS about the company.

Your third mistake was using your debit card. NEVER use a debit card when ordering anything online from any merchant... regardless of what reviews they may have. With a debit card your money is just gone unless the company is kind enough to refund it.

With a credit card you have some legal recourse to recover your money. Hopefully this experience has opened your eyes to the reality of online shopping.

Nancy S
@Common Sense

I wasn't blaming my age so, stop the trainwreck!!!! i acknowledged my faults so, what's your beef?? bad day or just pissed off at me for the WRONG REASONS?????????????????

Nancy S
@Common Sense

stupid response to what I have already acknowledged!!!!!!! Just a pissed off mean spirited senior citizen, period!!!! So, bring it, I love a good challenge with intelligent people, which in your case, you are not equipped!!!

tim S

yep, this is the jjs i know! good luck, you'll need it!

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