I Selected 2 dresses online using the drop down size box as I do with every other site. Selected my usual size. I was so excited about my selection that when it took almost 3wks to receive them I EMAIL the company. I received the dresses 2 days later. I am 5ift9in these dresses are for a woman around 5ft. On the packing slip it reads to contact them for return information and return form. Ha!!! Apparently the drop down size selection constitues "Custom Made" in their eyes. Their suggestion was to take the dresses to a tailor and have them altered.

No Returns. How can this be "Custom" if you requested no measurements?!

No Returns No Exchanges NO GOOD!!!

I wouldn't take the risk ladies. It isn't worth the headache!

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

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Help! Can’t call anyone.. Trying to return a dress!!

Irene Moore
Shopping Expert
The JJ’s House FAQ page states that if your measurements align with their size chart, they suggest choosing a standard size. And if your measurements cannot be found in the size chart, they recommend custom size.

According to JJ’s House return policy, the company does not accept any returns on custom dresses. However, JJ’s House will issue a full refund of the cost of all standard size dresses if you are not satisfied with your product.

You may try to contact JJ’s House Customer Service or their top management directly via the Contacts tab on the Pissed Consumer website and provide them with full details regarding your issue. You may also share your experience with other JJ’s House customers via their social media networks to get a faster response from the company.

You should always look at a size chart never assume your size is the same at all sites online from what i can see this is just poor shopping choices


Same issue. One sized item should designed to fit small Chinese ladies not eurpean. Cannot get address to return items to!


I am waiting for details to return my items. Value of£211 .

00 up to now I v had no details from them after contacting customers service. Yesterday.


Unable to get a UK contact address to return goods


I too am waiting for return address???? If anyone has it, please let me know?


I'm dealing with this right now but I cannot get anyone to call or email me back!!!!!! How were you able to get in contact with them?


I'm having exactly the same problem! They have taken 173 pounds from me and I have heard nothing!!!


I am having the exact same problem with them. Would not buy a dog diaper from them!!!!!


having a problem with them to.


I also ordered a dress from JJ House same thing happen to me . The dress does not fit so I am out of 209.00 and a dress which not fit. THE WORSE PLACE I HAVE EVER SEEN I WOULD WARN EVERYONE STAY AWAY FROM THEM !!!!!!!!!!!


just call your credit card company -you have the buyers protection and they will help resolve the issue. BUT first try and do it through JJ House then collect all your information then call the credit card company



It says on the website about 4 weeks delivery and for $20 why not provide your own measurements?


Anyone bought wedding decos from jjhouse?? I would like to know how u went with buying them?




Please Ladys, STOP Buying from CHINA.. Buy USA..

Do your Homework don't let the Beautiful Post of dresses fool you..

Check first where are you buying from, if is outside from the United states Don't waste your Money.. Buy from USA USA USA


Same here I bought a dress from then when I got it wasn't not even close to what I ordered is just a cheap,cheap dress, ugly, and returning the dress it will cost me 78.00 dollars.


Thank you for the comment. I was planning to buy 500 dollars in long dresses and shoes but lately I have been doing my homework,which is to check the store reviews first.

Thanks to you I will not spend my money here. I will shop at Macy's in New York Instead where I can try my clothes & shoes instead.

It seems those dresses are for little skinny chinese girls.. Thanx for posting.

Eve, F

rom New York


Dresses made in China. BEWARE!!!!!!!

Look up no phone number as well as no address. Buy your dresses at Macy's or Nordstrom Rack. They sell beautiful dresses and you will be able to try them on.....!

Let's make America Great again! Stop buying from China!beyyxiv

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