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I was amazed by the huge variety of dresses, so I decided to buy a dress for testing. I needed a dress for a friend's wedding and picked out a quite cheap one. I was lucky and I got a 5% promo code, so all in all the price was 45,69 EUR (with shipping).

After going through the buying process, they asked me how I want to pay. I picked "credit card", bought the dress and the amount was charged to my account.

After a few hours I received an email of a Lilian Zhao (in German - as it is my native language), demanding that I send a picture of my ID and my credit card with the first two and the last four digits visible. As I'm absolutely not willing to give out my private data - I refused and replied in English, as the German was badly done by google translate.

They argued that they needed the info for reasons of data security and to protect their business partners.

After a day, I received a message (again in German) that I may send them my data and that everything is fine and that they will delete my data immediately and not store them somewhere on their servers.

As nobody can guarantee that, I refused again and gave them a proposal - if the payment with credit card is such a problem to them, I can pay with Paypal - a reminder - they received the full amount and it has been charged to my account!

So they refused my payment and agreed to the PayPal proposal. Ms Zhao told me that I had to wait for 7-15 days to get the money back. As I'm writing this I got a notification of my bank that the money has been refunded.

I found it stunning that I had to give a proposal and even though they received the full amount, they refused to deliver the product. As I find this behaviour particulary strange, I'm not willing to buy anything of JJshouse again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Jjshouse Dress.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

JJsHouse Pros: Huge selection.

JJsHouse Cons: That they demanded private data.

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I ordered from Jjshouse yesterday and received the exact same email today requesting pictures of my credit card and ID. It just seems so bizarre.

Did you manage to get your credit card refunded? Will email them today to cancel the order.

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