I ordered my wedding dress on July 16th & it arrived last night. The dress is perfect!!

I can walk out of a store with a size 4 pair of jeans, but in formal dresses, I wear a 10, so I ordered a 10. I got a 10. If you need custom sizing, GET MEASURED BY A PROFESSIONAL! There are drop-down boxes next to the items to input your custom measurements.

The dress I received is high quality. It's lined & has built in cups for support. It has many tiers & gathers - and there's not a single thread out of place. I have to say that after reading some negative reviews, I am quite pleasantly surprised.

Okay, I am honestly ecstatic!! Everything else could go wrong with my wedding and I wouldn't care because this dress is so right!! As far as time is concerned, they hand make dresses. They don't grab them off of racks and throw them into boxes.

It takes time to sew. Mine took a whole 10 days including shipping.

So that's my story with JJ's House. And yes, I would order from them again without hesitation.

Product or Service Mentioned: Jjshouse Dress.

Store Location: Fort Myers, Florida

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I find it very suspect when anyone comes to a site called Pissed Consumer to write a positive review lol


I was familiar with the site because I did research before ordering from them. And the site does also welcome positive feedback for retailers.

Additionally, I posted previously that my mom's dress didn't turn out so well because it was made of two different materials that absorbed the dye differently.

It's still a well made dress & it's beautiful, it's just 2-toned and she wanted a solid color. I'm just keepin' it real.


I'm getting ready to order a dress from JJs for my son's wedding. Did you pay an additional "customs fee" when your gown arrived? By the way, congratulations on your wedding, appreciate any info on JJs.



No, I wasn't charged any additional fees. My mom ordered a dress from them as well - just a word of caution: different materials absorb dye differently.

The dress she ordered was made of two different materials and was two-toned when she got it. Mine was two different materials, but white is white, so I didn't have issues. For what it's worth, although her dress was two-toned, it was still gorgeous, phenomenal quality and a perfect fit. The variation in color was noticeable, but it didn't look bad because it was all dyed in the same color.

You may, however, consider choosing a dress made from the same material throughout.

And yes, I've ordered from them since and will again. I obviously don't speak for everyone, but I've yet to be disappointed by them.


How do you contact them if you try to put your measurements and its not working?


I contacted them directly from the site: http://www.jjshouse.com/about/email.php?type=pre_sales

You can address issues regarding a current order also through the online form.

The address their emails came to me from is notice@jjshouse.com. But I don't know if you'll get anyone with that, it seems to be for automated emails. ,)

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