don't be fooled by reviews on their own site, they only post good ones. Actual, honest, bad reviews are deleted, that's why there's none.

I paid $ 370 for two dresses, they came in time but DHL taxes are extra $ 102! I paid to get the pkg, the moment I took the dresses out of the pkg I knew they're awful! Both are jammed in a plastic bag altogether, poorly made and ill-fitted. One dress is not even straight hanging down, uneven seams on sides and bottom cause it to bulge and twist.

The other dress had very stiff fabric and rubbed on your skin! It was embarrassing to wear those dresses just to take some photos as evidence. And for special events? what a joke!!!

After some long-winded discussion with their CS, they agree to issue some coupons, but in the value of $ 20 on each order. Which means I have to place multiple orders with them in future, and if they went bkrpt it'd be pure loss on my part.

Their return address is in mid China so it'd cost you $ 50 to send back. I'll return and walk away, NVR AGAIN with them!

Product or Service Mentioned: Jjshouse Dress.

Monetary Loss: $518.

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This is absolute horrid news. I can't believe you spent that much money on this ***.

Its nothing like it is in the pictures!! This is a total rip off and some thing has to be done.

I've at least read 15 other horrible reviews. I was actually thinking of ordering my grad dress from this website and now I'm definitely not!


Perfect example of mine. One waaaaaay too big and the other has the same seam/hem bulge issue amongst other things. They deleted my review.

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