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Update by user Jul 28, 2015

Well, I have to be fair and tell everybody that they did resolve (half) of my problem after I have left a post like this in all the websites I found and after I took the review off one website (I suppose they didn't see all of them). Ye!!

They had the courage to ask me this "deal" (it's astonishing!!), but off course I took it off only because I would advert everyone in all the other websites as this one here. So that's why I maintain this commentary, hoping the ones who were in the same situation require their money back as, as customers, we have the right either to complain or/AND to have our money back.

I would never have bought from them if I had read this commentaries before. Hope I would be of any help for someone else.

Original review posted by user Jul 15, 2015

I ordered from this website and received the product with taxes of 83 euros (France) and I didn't even know that it was an importation... It's not clear at all in their website, when we're paying.

Besides, the shoes are made from glitter and it fits only for Carnaval and it's poor quality. The worse thing was the dress. I had to buy another wedding dress one week before the wedding, when I accepted for myself that it was impossible to wear plastic tissue in my wedding day. The result is that I expended too much with products that I wouldn't get for free.

As if that is not enough, their service is terrible, agressive and the simply don't refund the product, even though I had never used it (it gave me allergie just trying it!). They even doubted it...

Don't be naive as me to trust this company! Stay far away from them!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $30000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

JJsHouse Pros: Fast delivery, Prices.

JJsHouse Cons: Horrible customer service, Return policy, Quality and size, Refund policy, Return policy and customer service.

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ok your story doesn't seem to be too legit. you say you didn't use it but how did you supposedly get allergies without trying it as you later say you did?

i think people need to stop being lazy and realize that buying clothes of ANY kind online is a risk you take for being too cheap/lazy to go shopping around stores in your area. yeah you'll pay more surely but you'll know exactly what you're getting ahead of time.


Anonymous... I agree with you that it's much better to shop in stores and that is exactly what I'll do from now on, as I had never had such a bad experience online (I don't agree with you about the ANY, but about some specific websites and I indeed didn't notice before) Anyway, to blame the customer is so naive, as there are serious companies online.

Judging people you don't know is even worse! Well, unfortunetely I did had allergies just trying it, and if the store had any doubts about that (not an anonymous one...) I could send the pictures of my marriage, where I am wearing another dress or do you think I would where a wedding dress in any other occasion and them ask to change it? You could read other commentaries if you think I am the only unhappy costumer. Besides, they actually finally accepted to give me back part of the money I spent.

So, well, at list they consider us after we go screaming on the internet... and if in fact I was a lazy person, I can tell you that this requires a lot of effort!


Ah! Anonymous could be even JJ's themselves. I would not surprise me at all...


the loss was actually $300. Thanks God!


it's actually 150 euros lost, as they did give me half of it after I took off the commentary...

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