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OMG!!! I thank GOD I read these comments before I bought my wedding dress from JJSHOUSE..

I was seriously thinking about buying my dress on line.. Thank you everyone for posting your post. If it wasn't for your post there would be awhole more people out there getting scammed.. It's a shame everyone had to go through all of these throubles, I wish there was more we

could do for you.

I'm so sry.. I know its not my fault, but yet I feel like it is, bc as

an American we are letting it happen. . Thank you again for thinking about me and others to post your problems to warns us of problems we most likely will also have, so it would be in our best interest not to purchase anything from this company..

I wonder if everyone banded together if that would open the governments eyes and maybe stop this company &/or start putting start having some regulations on these foreign countries.. So they can stop scamming us..

Store Location: Hartville, Ohio

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Thanks to all of those people who truely thought about commenting on this website. I was just about to order my formal dress for nearly $200 but then I realised that all of the comments r negative. So thanks to all of u guys u saved me nearly $200

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