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I ordered two corsets as a tester before I ordered a ball gown. Cost came to about £30 UK with a £17uk delivery charge.

Appalled to be hit with £17uk in tax/vat payable to dhl before delivery; over 50% of cost of items ordered. Corsets don't fit and one has buttons obviously higher than the hooks and will not do up. Sizings are way out. Better off buying from a known and reputable company with a decent return policy.

Also can't stop being bombarded with junk mail from them; no 'unsubscribe' option. Beware...

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They are a total joke! Sizing is way off and they won't let you return a non custom fit dress.

Absolutely no customer service and they still send me emails.

There's a reason you can't unsubscribe. I would not reccomend to anyone.


How do I unsubscribe from jus listings and junk emails.

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