my sister and i found this website: www.jjshouse.com. we purchased her wedding gown and my bridesmaid dress.

BOTH items came and had stains on them, fitted horribly, appeared worn and all around seemed poor in quality. Per their policy, I took pictures of what I was not happy with and contacted them in writing within 7 days of receiving the gowns. I was basically told to "wash the dresses" and the stains will come out. They told me that they didn't know what THEY were supposed to do with our "unwanted' dresses and the most they could do was refund us $10....!

I told them they were liable to honor their policy, but didn't get anywhere with them. I did not accept the cheesy refund and told them I would be submitting complaints everywhere I could so that no on else falls into their trap. In my opinion, they have poor children in a sweat shop handling these dresses. They have poor to no customer service and cannot spell worth anything.

If for some reason you came across this post, it was meant to be so please do NOT purchase from this scam of a company. I dont care how the website might look good, take it from me and dont waste your money or time!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Jjshouse Dress.

Location: Washington, District Of Columbia

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I had the something happen to me. I ordered a dress 2 weeks ago and I gave them my measurements and they made the dress so big that I doubt they even used my measurements to make the dress. After constantly writing on their site and submitting a ticket. They got back to me and simply said I should get it altered with a local tailor and closed my ticket and did not reply to any of my follow-up emails or reply. This company is A HUGE SCAM


I purchased a dress from here. When it arrived it was not made to size and beads were missing off of it.

I returned the dress within 3 days and got a tracking number. When you email the people to return the dress they try everything possible to get you to keep it so they won't actually refund your money.

I have the tracking from the post office saying it was returned 6 weeks ago and have not heard from them since or gotten my money back DO NOT and I mean DO NOT buy dresses from here. It is illegal what they are doing!!


Thank you for your review. I looked online at JJs and mybridalgown.com, the reviews I have found for both are horrible.

The prices looked good, almost too good that is what made me nervous. Guess I will have to pay more and buy local to be safe and actually have a dress that is wearable.

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