The company has also made the effort of expanding into the Gaming industry. They operate a few MMO's under a subsidiary and by the looks of things, they seem to be growing quite well.

Though this is mostly because of how hard they try luring in new players. Like many other MMO providers, they try so hard to milk these players for everything, it's pay-to-win after all, so that's expected. New servers are opened almost daily at this point while old ones ignored; not a good tactic to keep afloat for long, but a brilliant one to *** off every player that invested hundreds/thousands of hours and/or cash when the game(s) finally run out of momentum and go under, but again, this is not that uncommon. Customer service from what I've seen is a bit spotty here as well.

Not sure if it's either their inexperience in the industry, or if they just flat out don't give a *** about the players, or both. Again, pay-to-win, so they're not the only gaming corp like this (Indonesian version of one of their games for example, diff corp, similar practices). Not saying they're horrible, just that it's a disorganized mess, in some cases it looks like the players actually know more about the system than they do, and respond faster too. Though I do sympathize a bit, having to deal with cancerous waves of 12 yr olds every new server, and then when the dust settles problems still persist with those who stick by, I'd be cynical/apathetic too.

Refunds/personal discounts are unheard of, so out of luck there if you change your mind...

All in all, decent (but addictive) games, good players, and a dev team that may or may not actually give a ***, all operating under a company with shady performance from what I've learned (Honestly a surprise their main is a Bridal store, unless I'm mistaken?). There are way better alternatives to spend your money, but if you're gonna get ripped, at least have fun doing so.

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