DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS STORE!!!! This store is a joke!!!

So horrible!!! I have never written an online review before but I have never had to deal with a store like this one. I had to let others know so they did not order from this store!!! I ordered a dress for a ball I have to attend for work.

The day I received the dress and took it out of the box, the quality was not what was displayed in the picture on their website. It was cheap and just did NOT look nice at all. I immediately followed all of their steps online to return it. Keep in mind I started this the day I received the dress, it was unworn and the tags were on it.

All I wanted to do was return the dress because I wasnt satisfied but apparently you cant return dresses to this store! What a joke! I have been passed around to 7 different JJs House employees, none of them have helped me!!! They just say in so many words that they cant return the dress.

I was mislead by their site thinking that if I wasnt happy with the dress I could return it because they want 100% customer satisfaction... Not the case! How can it be that I followed all of their rules to return the dress and they still wont return it! Now I am out $150 and I have a horrible looking dress that I will NEVER wear!!!

Thanks for NOTHING JJs House!!! I hope this review helps someone else not be taken by your joke of a business!!!"

Product or Service Mentioned: Jjshouse Dress.

Location: Milpitas, California

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Thumbs down on this company


I really wish I'd found your page before I ordered the dress for my grandson's wedding. I got it on the 17th, tried it on, got totally disgusted, took pictures, and immediately contacted them about returning the dress.

What a joke!

I ordered a dress a size larger than I usually wear....just in case. The dress is so small, I can't even zip it up. It is 3" short in the waist.

Their 'solution' is for me to take it to a tailor locally and they will refund 15% There's not a tailor in the world without access to their fabric supply that can make a dress bigger and longer in the waist. This is one of the worst dresses I have ever seen. The measurements they post for the size I ordered are all larger than my measurements and under size category, they list "general,plus" which I take to mean that the dress runs large. .....and all the reviews on this dress are 5 star.....I suspect any 0 star review I would post would never get posted.

I am so glad you have your page because maybe there will be some people who won't get suckered by JJsHouse because of you.

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