I am so disappointed with this website. Other reviews I saw were great, so I ordered a prom dress from them.

It took a VERY long time to get here, and when it did arrive, it fit VERY poorly around the waist and was RIPPED! I contacted the company to return the dress for a full refund (like their return policy states) and they BARTERED the refund price with me! They would keep throwing out different offers like, "we'll offer you a 25% and you can take the dress to the tailor's".

Uh, no?!?! I would NOT reccommend this site because I have been arguing with them for DAYS about the refund and still have not gotten my full refund.

Product or Service Mentioned: Jjshouse Dress.

Location: Cleveland, Ohio

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This company is not a store ! It is a go between order and there chosen suppliers most of them from out of the country,

Extremely poor quality and no warranty on returns.


100% in agreement with you!



Did you end up having the full refund? I am having getting a full refund from them at the moment.



I am having the SAME issue with these *** The dress has freakin' stains on it... and much like what happened to you, they are bartering a refund with me...

which will NOT cover the cost to even attempt to clean the dress. It is a WEDDING dress - not a freaking just because dress.

They even suggested that I clean the dress myself!!! WHO DOES THAT????

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