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"I ordered the Empire-V-Neck-Short-Mini-Taffeta-Bridesmaid-Dress- in Lavender. I received my dress on Thursday in Light Blue!

I contacted them to see if they can exchange or do something about the dress since the color Lavender is NOT Lavender but Blue, I was informed that since they make them upon orders I can't exchange nor return the dress! I am VERY DISAPPOINTED because now I'm stuck with this dress that I spent $103 and still need to find a dress for my friends wedding! All I was offered was 10% my next order, what kind of *** is that??? Your company is in China, shipping is $20 and dresses are $80 plus 10% is nothing!

This very unfortunate because the dress is very pretty if the Lavender was the true color! I do have a recommendation, they should have all colors available for the model to wear when a customer is selecting a color so WE know what the actual color is instead of being blindsided when product arrives!"

Product or Service Mentioned: Jjshouse Dress.

Store Location: Austin, Texas

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I would just send the dress back return reciet. I would enclose a letter telling them that since they broke the contract by sending the wrong color dress you are demanding a refund.If one is not comeing immdently you will no no other option but to contact your attorney.

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