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After reading some horror stories and terrible reviews online, I was still brave enough to try ordering a wedding gown from JJshouse. I was not disappointed. I see a lot of disappointed people filing complaints, but how come you never see any good reviews. I know that this site is specifically for complaints, but that skews things a bit when all you get to hear about is the awful experiences. I had a good experience. I ordered my dress at least 1 full inch larger in every measurement so that I had wiggle room, and then I had it altered to my figure. I do not have the ideal model shape, but this dress was lovely. The gown material and lace was just as pictured and described. If I were thin, I bet I could make it look as good as pictured. I still felt quite beautiful in it regardless of my body shape and my size.

The dress came in an envelope, so it was a bit mashed. That's fine, though. The wrinkles were minimal, and they came right out. The material lent itself well to being mashed, I guess. It took about 30 days to get the dress. I had plenty of time to get it altered and have several fittings.

All in all, I paid less than $400 for a plus-size floor-length wedding gown. I could not be happier.

Product or Service Mentioned: Jjshouse Dress.

Reason of review: Good quality.

JJsHouse Pros: Original designs, That they actually delivered, Online shopping, Quality of products, Love the styles.

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I also ordered my dress from JJ'shouse and it is currently being altered. It came in exactly the way I wanted (and I had custom colors).

I'm excited to get mine back from the seamstress (who LOVED it too). I ordered custom shoes too and they fit perfect, and the color matched exactly.

You looked lovely on your wedding day! I hope to as well :)






U look gorgeous in the dress ;) !!! ( missy long, Wisconsin ) randomly reading articles


Thank you!

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