Holywood, Scotland

I ordered a dress from this company which looked really good in the advert. I was shocked to receive a phone text the day before delivery from DHL asking me to pay £32 online for them to deliver; none of this was mentioned in the advert and is an import charge.

I had already paid nearly £150 with shipping. I did pay the customs fee and the parcel came next day from China. The dress is two sizes too small although I correctly measured myself and ordered the right size as if I had been ordering a UK made garment. I cannot zip it up!

I complained to JJ's House and then a load of hassle ensued. The returns process is so cumbersome and obviously designed to put you off returning anything. I have decided to slim into this dress so that I don't totally lose everything. After complaining about the customs fee of £32 JJ's House have said they will refund it but I really distrust them and doubt if this will happen.

The online chat with various people gets you nowhere - they just keep apologising. They are obviously native Chinese with English pseudonyms trying to make you think you are dealing with a UK/US company and it is clear that English is not their first language because of the quaint way they write. I imagine a sweatshop situation where the bosses are taking all the money and the workers are left with very little. I have to write this purchase off as a very expensive mistake and I would advise potential buyers to research companies thoroughly before dealing with a company which purports to be from the UK (JJ's House.co.uk) so that they don't get drawn in by spurious advertising as I did.

Really annoyed with myself that I didn't look at the bad reviews before sending off my order.

I will never deal with them again. Buyer beware.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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