DON'T TRUST THE REVIEWS ON THEIR WEBSITE. i saw this beautiful looking dress from them. it was given glowing reviews, a few people even had pictures to prove how great the dress was (i soon learned that you could win an ipad if you did that) they won me over, so i stupidly ordered the dress. as i'm waiting for my dress to arrive, i'm anxiously stalking jjshouse. i see a 3 star review, its in another language, i google translate it, she basically has issues with the color and a missing hook. nothing too scary, right? but after reading this review my anxiety level goes up, then another review pops in, this time its a 2 star review. there are bigger issues this time, my anxiety level is at 100.

my dress arrrives 1 day earlier(which is something i guess) there are serious issues. i had ordered a standard size 6. i had myself measured professionally and at home. my bust was a 35 and a half. i was expecting a tight fit but i was cool with it because the dress was pretty conservative and a little cleavage never hurt anyone. what i was not expecting was for the bust area to have enough space to fit another set of ***. and they also forgot to attach the hooks. i quickly expressed my opinion through a review.

they offer me $60 (after i took embarrassing pictures as evidence) to fix the dress but the tailor prices it around $90. i went to 3 different tailors after him and they said around the same price. apparently the way the dress was designed made alteration into a big chore.

i told jjshouse i wanted to return the dress they were fine with it the problem came when my friend who had returned something earlier in the year told me it wasn't worth it, that the international shipping was way too expensive. i wisely took her advice. so i'm stuck with the dress and 60 bucks (which i have yet to receive)

in all this, the thing that angers me the most is that they deleted my honest review and all the ones that weren't 5 star. i wish i had taken a picture. the woman i was talking to says that their was an issue with their system. an issue that only affected the negative reviews? jjshouse is a dishonest company.

i apologize for writing so much, i just want my review to be heard because jjshouse doesn't allow for it.

p.s sorry for my grammar errors.

Product or Service Mentioned: Jjshouse Dress.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $160.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

JJsHouse Pros: Fast delivery.

JJsHouse Cons: Garment, Refund policy.

Location: Hyattsville, Maryland

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same thing... Don't give up!!!

They did refund me after I post thousands of bed commentaries. Of course, in their website they're not there.

And they asked me to erase the commentaries! It's unbelievable!!


Its ok writing a big paragraph when your mad. Im still pissed at what happened to me with them too..

Same exactly problem.

Im stuck with a $190 dress and had to spend $100 more to get another dress. This is bull ***....

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