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I got a call from Tokyo telling me I had to send measures for my order. person not here whom I ordered for.

So I cancelled my order but they already charged my card. Now I just want my card to be credited back since I didn't get an order because I cancelled. Please call this # to tell me when I get reimbursed. 419-462-2116.

Thank You My order # was 4179470646 & my total was $273.97 charged to my card. That's a lot to lose since I am on a fixed income.

Thank You I am not a pissed customer. just want my money back.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Did you get your money back? I bought a dress and 10 mins later cancelled my order. I’m still waiting for them to send an email to process my cancellation


Thank you so much for your reply! I really appreciate it.

It’s been more than 24 hours since I cancelled my order but I have not receive my money back yet. I am really nervous I won’t receive it back because there are a lot of people saying they had to do lots of things just to get their money back.

Did they give you your money back or not? I also paid quite a lot of money on that order so it will be a really big lost for me not to get the money back.


JJ's House does not refund money by simply crediting the funds back to your original form of payment. This tells me they are a sca m.

I was scammed out of 114.00. They are out of Hong Kong as I remember with a website built to appear like it is an American company. I filed a claim with the FTC and lost my money.

They have no intention of returning your funds anytime soon. It will be a frustrating time dealing with them but I hope you have a more favorable outcome than I did!!


Did you got your money back?


Hi I just want to know if you got your money back because I also did cancelled my order in Jjshouse and the email they sent me is called a ticket and told me that they will get back to me after 24 hours. Your reply will be really appreciated. Thanks!


If you paid by check or debit card, you are out of luck. They will give you the run around and act like they can't speak English and will not let you have your money back.

They only way they give money back is by check which is not the way things work in the U.S. In the U.S. You receive the funds back in the way that you purchased them. If you paid with a card and enter a dispute, you will lose it because they have a 7 day cancellation return policy so while the dispute is processing you just lost any chance of getting your money back.

So expect at run around, and for them to keep giving you counter offers and to hear "your check is in the mail" and never receive it. I learned a valuable lesson. When ordering something, check the "contact us" area to see where they are actually located to you can be aware if they will follow regular U.S. return policies like we are used to.

Do not ever order out of Hong Kong. It is basically a scam that they are running.

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