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Ordered two bridesmaid dresses and a petticoat. Paid shipping fee, then a month after the items were delivered, I received a bill from DHL charging me for customs- £74!

I am currently in disputes with JJHouse over this, so far they have offered a voucher for their site- yes because I am going to buy more items from you and receive another DHL invoice- what a joke.

This additional cost is not advertised on the order at any point. They very much hide this- a total scam.

I've never had customs bills and yet order from abroad all the time, including China.

Order from somewhere else.

Product or Service Mentioned: Jjshouse Dress.

Reason of review: hidden customs costs.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

JJsHouse Cons: Hidden costs.

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This is always the case when you order items from another country, with any other company, maybe it is the first time you bought items from another country. I live in Switzerland and always have to pay the custom taxes.

It should is general knowledge, plus it would depends on each country, switzerland has 8% taxes plus 20 euros for processing, france has 20%...

I don't think you will get any money back from JJ's, they aren't the one charging you.

Sorry you will probably not like my message!!


I'm going to copy and paste what i wrote in another review

Taxes and duty are completely separate from what the manufacturer can determine and precharge. It's on the onus of the buyer to be aware of all possible tax and duty charges depending on the country she lives in.

For Canada, there is the NAFTA agreement (North American Free Trade Agreement) that Canada, US and Mexico have signed to improve their export and commerce. Essentially anything made in these countries and can be shipped to the signed trade countries free of any duties (although you are still subject to taxes). Because you bought something that was made in China you are subject to the duties on products made outside of North America. It all depends on your countries current trade agreements.

Sometimes you get lucky and the chinese companies will list a smaller dollar value and mark it as a gift so that you don't have to pay the duties on your purchase.

That's not to say that it will work in all cases and its also against the law.

Another fact the brokerage companies (they are not chinese! they are whichever company that has a presence in that country and deals closely with the customs system of that country) will charge to UPS/DHL etc for handling the paperwork and to pay your duties before it can enter the country. In return UPS will pass that charge to you which includes the brokerage companies handling fee. Usually $10-15 on top of the taxes & duties.

Also Taxes and duties are different. Duties are tariffs on imported goods but taxes are the provincial and or federal taxes charged on all purchases.

I'm sure you got lucky in the past when you ordered overseas from China and never got charged duty, there are many reasons for this sometimes customs won't stop every small package to determine the value.Other times what you've ordered in the past aren't objects that have duties on them.

Such as for Canada agricultural, automotive, appliances and textiles/apparel products are subject to duties. but this list is not exhaustive

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