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They don’t give you enough time from the time it’s delivered to figure out what size you need. Not to mention DHL trucking delivered the item to my neighbor and he brought it to me the next day. So I lost a day in decision making right there.

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Ordered a dress for my mother for my wedding. Keep in mind the dress is specifically a “mother of the bride” dress. It arrived on my doorstep at 5 pm on Tuesday November 6th. Beautiful dress! But since my mother does not live with me or near me I had to meet with her the following Thursday to make her take the dress home and try it on.

She tried it on and it was just a tad to tight to her liking so the measurements that are posted on the sizing charts ARE NOT true to size. We both work so when we met up that weekend for me to get the dress back from her I got home and started packing it up. I had a meeting with our decorator that following Monday and then another meeting with the venue on Tuesday. On Wednesday (8 days later) I filled out this “ticket” to explain that we were ordering the next size up and we needed to return it.

I received a bogus response that explained that the dresses are “made to order” and I did not message them within the 7 day grace period.

I get it every place has policy’s and stipulations. BUT to tell me they are made to order then say their return policy is 7 days is a bit ridiculous. For one if they are “made to order and you don’t accept returns” then why have a 7 day return policy to begin with? I thought they were made to order? So why give the chance for anything to be returned. What is one day going to hurt? What is the difference in returning a dress on day 7 or day 8???

Not to mention, why are you selling “mother of the bride” dresses when anyone who has been married or getting married knows how much is going on each and every day of planning!!! You can barely find time to eat each day for 7 days while planning a wedding let alone worry about your mother’s dress you ordered her!

Again I get there are regulations and policy’s but don’t tell me they are made to order but then have a return policy for only 7 days. If you don’t want returns then don’t have a policy at all! If you accept returns then give a planning bride and mother of the bride a little time to receive the stupid dress and get it tried on! Ridiculous site! Not willing to work with you at all.

Crazy rules and stipulations for the amount of money they charge for dresses!

Product or Service Mentioned: Jjshouse Mother Of The Bride Dress.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

JJsHouse Pros: Product.

JJsHouse Cons: Return policy is absurd, Return policy and lack of communication.

Location: Shelbyville, Indiana

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Sweetie pie this one is on you. You messed around and wasted valuable time and KNEW what the return policy was.

Don't expect to be treated like a little Princess just because you are planning a wedding.

Thousands of people plan weddings and manage to do it right without the special treatment you are expecting. Just from reading your review it's obvious you are a spoiled brat.


What an unprofessional and rude comment.

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