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Update by user Dec 13, 2013

JJ House contacted me concerned about my dissatisfaction and review and redeemed themselves.

Original review posted by user Aug 29, 2013

This company is a scam for Americans! I had the worst, unbelievable experience I have had in a purchase.

I ordered dance shoes in the size guided by their own chart, since their measurements are different. I ordered 2 pair. When I received them, they were extremely tight and small and also did not have a sole, but only a suede material instead of a normal sole material. So of course I needed to return them.

The invoice indicated to contact them for a return or refund within 7 days, which I contacted them the same day. They asked for pictures and I could not submit the claim until I submitted pictures of how they fit me. So, then I received their response indicating that they can't accept second hand shoes! and that the shoes were custom made and I can't return them but they are glad to offer me a 10% discount on another pair and for me to sell those shoes to any of my friends since they don't fit me.

What? So, we're sending messages back and forth and I copied and pasted their guarantee and customer satisfaction section from their own website and I asked them, "Is this your company?" So, then they increased their discount to a 20% for any pair of shoes that I want. When I told them I will never buy shoes from them or consider buying anything else and that I was going to seek lega advise, they said they would make an exception in my case and will take the shoes back, but when it goes through quality control, if they find nothing wrong with them, they will just keep them and I will get no refund. (So I would lose everything) and they kept repeating that the shoes had to be unworn and new.

I told them it will pass their quality control because that's how they make them but the reason of my return is the wrong size and how can I wear them if they don't fit me, they are exactly how I receive them. They indicated they would take them but I would have to pay shipping to get there, I agreed and asked for the address. They sent me an address in China. Well, the shipping is going to cost me more than the shoes.

So, I have no shoes to wear and threw my money away ordering dancing shoes that I can't wear.

I told them they are a scam for Americans and they are!

Monetary Loss: $75.

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Have you never bought ballroom dance shoes before? They're NOT street shoes and they're supposed have a suede sole because they should only be worn on the dance floor.

And as for the quality & service of course you get what you pay for and the shoes on this site are very cheap.


I didn't know about the suede, but regardless, the quality wasn't good and my main problem was not this, it was they didn't fit. This shoes were advertised to be expensive, almost $100 a pair, but they were on sale, so they weren't posted as their original price, but their sale price.

Thanks for the info.


yep, similar scenario as I keep reading posts about JJs House.....bad deal and dishonest company.

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