I should have known better, My sister the bride to be ordered a dress from JJ House. Per their policy which reads:

Usually it takes 11-13 days to make wedding dresses and 9-11 days to make other dresses since the day you place an order.

This was not a special order. We listed the event date where they said they would try to meet it. After about 4 attemps to get an answer, we are still processing and have not received a response. Only an acknowledgement that the request for an update was received.

They are so unproffessional that there is no call back number. Who are these people.

They take your money and you can't get them to return an email. Do not buy from them please.

Product or Service Mentioned: Jjshouse Dress.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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I don't know whether my order went through or not and there's no way to check. They took all my purchase information but gave no acknowledgement. So is my frest on the way or not?


I m having the same problem! I should search more before I by it.I don't recommend by from them.


I need authorization to return an item I've received


The same issue happened with me, I had ordered a dress and they sent me a damaged coat and also I tried to contact them and till now I haven't received any answer , please not bay anything from them.


I'm sorry for what happened to you.

True there's no number for customer service.

The email customer service (my ref.: Ryan Zhang) is no efficient AT ALL.

I purchased a pair of satin sandals: they were supposed to be pink+black (the pictures were like this), but I received a pair of yellow + black sandals. Moreover they stink of glue and they have a very low perceived value. And I paid them 76 € (Delivery to Italy Included).

I've been trying 1 week to get refunded, but they said that the colour was the same and that they could refund me just the cost of the sandals, while the shipping cost wouldn't and that I had to return the sandals back at my expenses.

On top of that I received a UPS invoice this morning saying that I have to pay 27 € of the transportation cost to Italy: but this is something I've already paid!!

This situation is totally unacceptable.

I don't know if we will find an agreement at the end (they still do not get back to me), but DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM JJ HOUSE!!!! Stay away from them!!


I am very suprised this place is still in business! POOR SERVICE


I have had the worst experience EVER please don't order from these people. They sent the wrong dress size & won't answer just keep putting in emails with different ticket numbers.

It's sad you work hard then get treated like this. If they knew they didn't have the size they should have just said that not sent what they had.

It's a shame! I'm VERY disappointed


Never got my dress the company just kept changing the date on the estimated shipping and delivery. The last date they gave me yesterday won't make my wedding.

It was originally scheduled to be here weeks ago. Now what my wedding is in 3 weeks.


How do I return a dress!!!!! Pam Purcell


Oh how I wish I read this before, jjshouse I want my money back. Get yo garbage back, and I will never ever buy anything and I will make sure the rest don't too.


please contact me on 0421575831 regarding dress no 4219773784 I received today have tried to email but will not go through not happy with dress I was going to wear to my sons wedding one of the straps is even sewn on backwards my best email address is frissy@optunet.com.au


This jjshouse is very bad company .They doesn't have any contact information.please do not order some dresses from they .Because I want to return some. But they doesn't have any contact information .


i just received a dress from JJshouse it is horrible. The lace is torn ad patch with another piece of lace. There is no place to get this piece of garbage returned and i just lost $160 this is a crime


:sigh ordered a Strapless Lace-Up/Front zipper Closure shape wear(125041407)

High waist shaping panties(135033964)

Very upset because the contact number given is a nonworking number very disappointed getting married in a few a weeks.


Well that's just great! I just received a broken cake topper!

I can't not find a phone number or any return information!

I clicked on 'live chat'...you can ONLY leave a message...do they think that's LIVE??

I will NEVER order anything from them again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wish I would have read your review BEFORE now!

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