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I ordered a few items and was advised as they were made to measure I would not be able to return them. So I cancelled 3 items and ordered a single item.

I had to insist that they amend the postage and they tried to give me a credit note for the difference, which I refused, as it was unlikely I would be ordering from them again. The item I ordered was £25:00 and the postage £18:00 for an item that weighed 500grams! I told them this was extortionate. When the item arrived via DHL, the driver asked me did I realise I would have to pay customs??????

I told him this was ridiculous as the email address for the site was a UK address. He also showed me an invoice where I would also have to pay a further £11:50 postage on top of the £18:00 already paid. In fact the item for £25:00, would have reached a total of £80 plus, for customs and postage. I refused to pay this amount and told the DHL to return to sender.

I advised of this and asked for a refund as I have not received the wrap. They told me to pay the charges and they would reimburse the customs only!!!! I told them it was too late and this was all a complete ***.

If you order from a UK site you don't expect to receive a bill for customs and neither 2 charges for postage. This site is a rip- off and I am still left paying £43:00 for an item I will never receive.

Product or Service Mentioned: Jjshouse Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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