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Update by user Nov 24, 2014

So after jjshouse offered me a 40% refund on my dress and a coupon for their brokerage fee. I used the coupon to order a flower bouquet, a cake topper, and some angel ornaments.

Thank God I have already got these items covered for my wedding because this is my new issue with my new order.

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Order Date: 2014-11-06 06:58:11

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 2014-11-21 16:02:38 From : kim24fan1973 Subject : Payment Issues Additional Information : OMG this company amazes me at how incompetent you are. I just got my order that I was forced to place since you would not return the brokerage fee to me and once again your company has screwed up.

The flowers I ordered are smashed which I asked you to make sure did not happen, so now I have to go out and buy another arrangement for my wedding. Thank God I ordered ahead of time so that I would have time to do this. The angels that I ordered are broken and can't be used. The only thing that arrived undamaged was the cake topper which I really didn't need because I already had one here that I am using.

So how is your company going to fix this issue now. I doubt that you will be able to come up with a suggestion that will make me happy. I want all of my money back! Your company sucks and I will never be ordering from you again and I will be letting the world know of this.

Contact Information : kim24fan1973 kim24fan1973@yahoo.com (540) 750-6316 2014-11-23 03:25:52 From : Kay Xu Dear kim24fan1973, thank you for shopping at JJsHouse.com. This is Kay from after-sale team and I am here to help you solve the problems. First of all, we do apologize for the late reply because of the power failure yesterday, sorry for the inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding. Personally I can totally understand your feeling and situation and I will try my best to solve the issue to your best satisfaction.

To be honest, if I were you to receive a package with two damaged items, I would be angrier than you are. But maybe I would think if it was caused by the delivery company during the delivery process. To help us view the problems and offer you an effective solution, we highly suggest you provide us with detailed pictures as visual evidence. Please make sure that the pictures you sent to us are clear enough to clarify the issues you have mentioned so that we can provide a solution for you timely.

You may simply attach the pictures when you reply to this message. Just click the link at the bottom of this email first. Then click "Search" and upload the pictures. Please note that the picture should be a JPG file and not exceed 2MB.

If there is difficulty in uploading, you can simply send them to service@jjshouse.com. We would appreciate your understanding and your cooperation. P.S. As for the customs fee, as explained, it was charged by your local customs office, and we do care your case, we offer you two options to share the fee with you together which are: Option 1: A coupon with value equals to the full customs invoice charges, you may use this coupon for future purchase (valid for 1 year) Option 2: A 50% refund of your customs duty and tax expenses.

For example, if you were charged a customs duty and tax bill of EUR 30, we refund you EUR 15. And the refund will be back into the Account Which You Used to Pay for the Order. And you selected Option 1. We did and will never "force" our customers to do anything, we hope you can understand this, thank you.

Thank you again for your kindly comprehension and cooperation. Hope to hear from you soon. Have a great day:) 2014-11-23 23:50:54 From : kim24fan1973 First of all I spent a week of my life emailing your company back and forth to get the last issue resolved and the final offer was a coupon for the customs charge not my money back. I will not argue about this I was part of the conversation and I know what it entailed.

Secondly I am not going to spend another week of my life emailing back and forth to your company. I did not mess up. YOUR company did. Had the package been damaged during delivery then the box would have been damaged also.

As it was not damaged and I have since used the box to wrap a Christmas gift to my son I doubt that was the case. Once again your company is trying to blame someone else for their mistake. First it was the person who measured me, then it was my local customs office, and now it is the delivery company that you hired. Please don't try to make me look like a fool by thinking that I am to *** to know who is the one screwing people over.

Your dressmakers made the dress the wrong size, the money order for the customs charge was made out to your company, not a customs agency, and the box was packaged by your company, not the delivery company. I specifically asked your company not to stuff the flowers into the smallest box possible and that is what happened. Try placing the blame where it lays. I am not going to continue to waste my time with this company.

Please make an offer on what you are going to do about the angels being broken and the flowers being smashed. I DO NOT have more time to waste with your company.The bouquet is smashed not sure how you are going to tell that from a picture and the angels arms are broken off. Attachment1.jpeg Attachment2.jpeg 2014-11-23 23:51:46 From : kim24fan1973 the rest of the pics Attachment1.jpeg Attachment2.jpeg 2014-11-24 08:36:02 From : William Qi Thank you for your reply and pictures. Sorry for the late response due to time difference.

We are sorry to see that our angels and bouquet are broken. But we can assure that they were in good condition before shipment. They must be broken during the shipment. Your feedback is very important to us and we will try our best to improve our service and dresses and products in the future, please rest assured about that.

We do care your feeling and situation, so after communicating with our supervisor, here we have two solutions for you to choose from. 1. We can offer you a coupon (40% of the two items value) and it can be used for your new order here. Meanwhile you can keep the two items.

2. Or we can refund you 30% of the two items value and you can still keep the two items. Please inform us of your decision. Again we are sorry for the inconvenience and looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Now i am trying to reply to this new insult but of course their website will not let me submit my response so i sent them the following email and am waiting for their answer. Why would i accept only 30% of my money back when i cant use the items? No I don't think so. I want the all the money refunded to me.

Why would any rational person accept only a partial refund of their money and then have to turn around and pay full price for the items again, plus another $11.99 for shipping, That does not make any sense.The dress was different, I had to pay to have it fixed but atleast I will still be able to use it. I will not be able to use these items and they are going to go in the trash. It's only fair that you return the money like any respectable company would who sent out a broken product.

Please don't make me waste any more time with your dis-respectable company. Just return the money, so I can go on with my life and your company can go on with screwing people.

Original review posted by user Nov 03, 2014

From : kim24fan1973

Subject : Payment Issues

Additional Information :

I got my dress today. It looks beautiful but am extremely unhappy that I had to pay a $39.80 brokerage fee on delivery after paying for shipping. I think that if you are going to charge this fee it should be included at checkout and not thrown in as a last minute surprise. I would really appreciate some instance in this issue as I paid for the dress and ordered from you with a set price in mind and the brokerage fee went about that price. Thank you for your time.

2014-11-01 08:47:11 From : Cathy Zhang

Thank you for contacting us.

We are sorry to hear that you are charged for extra money which must be the import duty and tax. Please be noted that we have stated policy about possible import customs charges at our FAQs page (The third point): http://www.jjshouse.com/about/help.php?page_id=8.

In some cases, your destination country may charge customs duties or other taxes. We have no control over these charges as customs policies vary widely from country to country. Please check with your local customs office for further information.

However, we do care about your shopping experience. We would like to issue you a USD 20 coupon code to cover some of your extra tax expenses. You may use it for your next purchase.

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused by the extra money you were charged, but we are confident that our amazing product with reasonable price will totally worth all the money you have paid and will not let your down.

We greatly appreciate your understanding and the coupon code will be offered once we receive your confirmation.

Hope to hear from you soon.

2014-11-01 14:07:04 From : kim24fan1973

2014-11-02 05:40:35 From : Cathy Zhang

Thanks for shopping from our website.

We are sorry to hear that the dress doesn't fit you well.

As is known to all, each of our dress is hand-sewn and customized, and the finished gown may vary by approximately one inch in either direction of the specified measurements. We are sorry to hear that the dress does not fit you well. But our dressmakers do make your dress strictly according to your specifications. Before item(s) shipped, all of them will be checked carefully by our professional Quality Control Department, please kindly find the attached photos which could prove that size is correct.

Besides, different dress style and different body proportion will affect the fit of your dress. Most dresses can easily be altered by a skilled tailor or professional seamstress. We sincerely hope you could check with your local tailors to see if they could do the alterations for you. As for your problem, we do care our customers. We would like to offer you 15% refund of the dress value to cover part of the alteration fees. Please kindly confirm us back so that we can issue you the money as mentioned above.

And, as to the custom fee, we do care your situation. We would like to offer you the following two options to shoulder the fee with you together.

Option 1: A coupon with value equals to the full customs invoice charges, you may use this coupon for future purchase (valid for 1 year)

Option 2: A 50% refund of your customs duty and tax expenses. For example, if you were charged a customs duty and tax bill of EUR 30, we refund you EUR 15. And the refund will be back into the Account Which You Used to Pay for the Order.

I hope our effort would make you somehow feel better with this unexpected cost. Please send us the customs invoice with the tracking number by email, and let us know which one you would like to choose and we will process that for you.

Thanks in advance for your time. Please kindly feel free to contact us for anything else we can help.



2014-11-02 16:21:13 From : kim24fan1973

15% of the dress is not going cover anywhere near the alteration charges which are going to be $100 themselves. As for the brokerage fee UPS didn't give me an invoice. I paid with a money order made out for $39.80 made out to Readmob Technologies, which is your company. I will accept a refund of 40% of the dress charge and the brokerage fee charge, which I was not told about. I do have the tracking number for UPS on the package. It is 1ZE2338R0497520587.

2014-11-02 16:22:29 From : kim24fan1973

Oh and by the way the pictures you sent me were not my dress.

2014-11-03 02:18:26 From : Cathy Zhang

Thanks for your reply.

We are sorry that our previous solution doesn't meet your satisfaction and we didn't get your trust. But, you may check this new attachment and find the pictures we sent are about your dress.

We do care what you think. I have applied a special consideration for you. To cover your loss, we are willing to offer you a 30% refund of the dress value as your compensation for both the dress and the unexpected custom fee.

The price of our dress is very cheap and we don’t earn much from the dress. Besides, our dressmakers have spent labour cost and material cost on your dress. Hope you could accept my offer and keep this dress. If not, you can sell the dress in your local place or present it to your friend or other family. Please kindly understand that I've done my best to cover your loss.

The refund will be issued upon your confirmation.

Thank you for your time and understanding. Look forward to your reply soon. Have a nice day.


2014-11-03 16:18:48 From : kim24fan1973

The cost of my dress was 188.98. 30% of that amount is 56.70. I paid 39.80 towards the brokerage fee that leaves me with $16.90 to get the dress altered. I dropped my dress off to the tailor this morning. It is going to cost me $35 an hour to get the dress altered. Not sure how many hours it will take because of the beading. So your offer won't even cover an hour of alterations. You are going to have to do better than that. I told you I want 40% off the dress plus the customs(brokerage fee) refunded back to me. I am looking at spending another $150 to get the dress ready for me to wear between having it altered, which I should not have to do since I paid to have it customized to me, and your company didn't do the tailoring correctly. Plus I have to have the dress pressed since your company stuffed the dress into the smallest box available to them. These complaints don't even cover the fact that the dress was supposed to be shipped with a dress box and bag so it could be hung up and kept clean, which the dress was not shipped with. The bad you sent was not a dress bag and would keep the bad smashed up and doesn't allow for it to be hung up. The box was a standard UPS box NOT a dress box. Your company needs to do something about the false advertising it has going on and it needs to atleast inform customers of the hidden brokerage charge instead of hiding it in fine print, it needs to state it at the checkout along with the other shipping charges. If you were in the US, you would be out of business by now, but unfortunately you are located in China, where the laws are to lax. Fix your mistake.

Product or Service Mentioned: Jjshouse Dress.

Reason of review: wrong size plus surprise fee and bad customer service.

Monetary Loss: $229.

JJsHouse Cons: Customer service, Refund policy, Hidden fees, Custom sizing not custom.

Store Location: Dublin, Virginia

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God *** this woman is a piece of work.

Taxes and duty are completely separate from what the manufacturer can determine and precharge.

It's on the onus of the buyer to be aware of all possible tax and duty charges depending on the country she lives in. If you're living in Canada, there is the NAFTA agreement (North American Free Trade Agreement) that Canada, US and Mexico have signed to improve their export and commerce. Essentially anything made in these countries and can be shipped to the signed trade countries free of any duties (although you are still subject to taxes). Because you bought something that was made in China you are subject to the duties on products made outside of North America.

Sometimes you get lucky and the chinese companies will list a smaller dollar value and mark it as a gift so that you don't have to pay the duties on your purchase. That's not to say that it will work in all cases and its also against the law.

Another fact the brokerage companies (they are not chinese! they are whichever company that has a presence in that country and deals closely with the customs system of that country) will charge to UPS/DHL etc for handling the paperwork and to pay your duties before it can enter the country. In return UPS will pass that charge to you which includes the brokerage companies handling fee.

Usually $10-15 on top of the taxes & duties. Also Taxes and duties are different. Duties are tariffs on imported goods but taxes are the provincial and or federal taxes charged on all purchases.

Another thing! Just because you had a wedding dress custom made does not make it exempt from additional alterations.

Sometimes in the rare case it does, but by in large it's the opposite.

Even $17000 haute couture wedding dresses such as Galia Lahav/ Inbal dror made custom to your measurements will require some additional tailoring to your size once it arrives. That is what the bridal consultant told me when I went to see the dresses before deciding if I wanted to go the replica route.

Anyways this customer is being ridiculous with her requests and expectations.

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