Dress Not As Expected; Return/Refund Nightmare! Initial request for return authorization sent to JJ's House on 07/23/2014 (i.e., day after receipt of merchandise). Here a dialog of what happened...

Sent to JJ's House on July 25, 2014: "Requested RETURN AUTHORIZATION (i.e., Product Return) 3 days ago and I yet to receive the authorization. Why is it taking so long."

Sent to JJ's House on July 26, 2014: "I have received several responses from you, but no one of them is the RETURN AUTHORIZATION (i.e., PRODUCT RETURN) I've request. How much longer will it take for your to release the RETURN AUTHORIZATION to me as requested.

I am completely dissatisfied with slow response to my request for RETURN AUTHORIZATION! Upon receipt of your product on Wednesday, July 23, 2014, I initiated a RETURN AUTHORIZATION request.

Much to my surprise, instead of receiving the RETURN AUTHORIZATION as requested, I received an email of emotional blackmail urging me to keep the product with which I was not pleased. In reviewing your return policy, I see that I am to contact your Customer Service Department within 7 days upon receiving the item to initiate the return process.

It has been 3-days since I requested RETURN AUTHORIZATION; Not understanding the need to take so long. Also, sent an email inquiring about the status of the RETURN AUTHORIZATION being issued and got absolutely no response; a prime example of POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE."

JJ's House Response on 07/27/2014: "We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. Personally I can understand your feeling and situation very much. But we beg you could kindly understand that each dress is made to order, including the standard one. We have no items in stock to resell or exchange, which makes our return policy different from off-rack items.

It is really hard for us to accept the return according to the policy. As a customer service, we always spare no efforts to help our customers within our policy but please kindly note that we also need to obey our policy. Hope you could kindly understand.

For your case, I would like to raise the refund to 35% of dress value as the compensation. As you can see that the price of the dress has already been that low. This refund has really been a lot for us. Hope you could accept it. The refund will be issued after I get the confirmation

My response to JJ's House's 07/28/2014... "Let me see if I understand what you're asking me to accept! Although you were paid $167.98, you want to as you put it "raise the refund" to me to 35% ($59.14) and you keep $109.19. Really? How about you keep the 35% ($59.14), accept the return of your dress, and credit me the 65% ($109.98)? Your "Return Policy" says there are 'no returns', 'no refunds' on personal items! Understanding that personal items would be 'lingerie', 'shapewear', and perhaps 'garters' and 'petticoats'; dresses does NOT fall into that category. Your offer is contrary to your policy and does not represent good customer service. Please issue the RETURN AUTHORIZATION and return the 65% ($109.98) to me. Thank you."

JJ's House response on 07/29/2014: "Thank you for your email.

I am sorry that our previous solution did not meet your expectation. We think there must be a misunderstanding about the refund. We did not mean that we keep the 65% of dress value and get the dress back. We meant that you take the 35% refund and keep the dress. In this case, 35% refund is really too much for us.

Each dress is made to order and our policy is different from off rack items. If you check "Item is the size you ordered but does not fit" column, you will find the return is also not acceptable. After reviewing your case again, I will make your case, as an exception and here are three more solutions offered to you.

1.We can offer you a coupon (50% of the product value) which is valid within one year, and you can use it for your next order on our website. Meanwhile you can keep the dress.

2.We can refund you 40% of the dress value and you can still keep the dress.

3. Or you may return the dress to us. It usually takes three weeks for us to receive your parcel depending on how you send it back. After receiving the returned dress, we will process the full refund of dress value for you. Please note that the return postage will be at your own cost.

Once you decide to return the product, please make sure it is in its original condition (unused, unwashed, unaltered, undamaged, unsoiled, with the intact tags still attached).

Here is the general address information for you to check the return postage with your local post office before returning your parcel: Suzhou, China. Post Code: 215000.


Again we are sorry for the inconvenience and we are looking forward to hearing from you soon."

My response on 07/29/2014, "I Would Like To Return The Dress To You For The Full Refund. Please Send The Form Needed For The Return Of The Dress. Thank you."

JJ's House response on 07/30/2014, "Thank you for your prompt reply. Below is the return instruction, please read it carefully before returning the item(s).

IMPORTANT: Please use post office to return the parcel and keep the receipt of the returned parcel with you as your proof of return. It usually takes 20-25 days for us to get the returned parcel.


Please print the attached return form. Please include the printed form with your return item(s).


Name: Chris Guan

Address: Unit152B , No. 1355, Jinji Lake Avenue

Suzhou Industrial Park

City: Suzhou

Country: China PR

Post Code: 215021

Contact Phone (Chinese Only): +86-512-85555452 (Returns & Refunds)


Please DO NOT use expedited delivery service like UPS, DHL or FedEx , etc. to return the parcels in case that the parcels will be at a high risk of being charged for import duty fee. Returning via local postal service is highly recommended.


All the return item(s) will go through inspections. We will process the refund once we confirm that the product has the problems you mentioned. Please make sure the item is in its original condition (unused, unwashed, unaltered, undamaged, unsoiled, with the intact tags still attached).

Once we get your package and process the refund, you will receive a confirmation email. It usually takes 3-5 business days to arrive in your account for payment through PayPal , and 7-15 business days for payment through credit cards, depending on your payment banks. There might be small transaction charge by PayPal or your bank that we have no control of. If you didn't receive the refund on the estimated date, please contact us through email. We will try to help in any way we can.

If you still have problem with your order, please contact us.

Thank you for your kind understanding and cooperation. Hope we can serve you again in the future."

My response on 07/31/2014, "The Dress Has Been Pakaged And ReturnedTo You Today 7/30/2014 Via USPS As Instructed.I Will Look To Received My Refund Within 25 Days . Thank you." Second response provides USPS tracking number of USPS ticket #: LC383237093US.

JJ's House on 07/31/2014, "Thank you for your email again.

It will be OK. Please take note that it will take about 20-25 days for the package to reach us. You can track the package status online if having the tracking number. Once we receive the package, we will issue the refund immediately. Once the refund is issued, you will get a confirmation email regarding it.

Thank you again for your time and please contact us if you need any further assistance."

After more than 25 days, I followed up with this message to JJ's House on 09/09/2014, "We have exceeded the 20-25 day period for the returned package to reach you. Please confirm receipt and advise as to when I can expect my full refund. Thank you."

Interestingly, JJ's House response on 09/09/2014, "Thank you for your reply. We checked your order that we are sorry we do not have received your package. Could you please contact your local post office to get some information about your package status? We will handle the refund once we get your package."

My response on 09/11/2014, "Interesting! The dress was returned to you via USPS as instructed on Wednesday, July 30, 2014, for a full refund as promised. Will get to you with the proof of shipment receipt. Thank you." and "It was sent to...

JJ's House

Attention: Chirs Guan

Unit 152B (No. 1355)

Jinjji Lake Avenue

Suzhon Industrial Park

Suzhou, China 215021"

This has turned out to be a company I would NOT trust with another order and I certain would NOT recommend them to anyone else. As a matter of fact, I would STRONGLY DISCOURAGE anyone thinking of making a purchase.


V. Waiters

Product or Service Mentioned: Jjshouse Dress.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $168.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Location: Paducah, Kentucky

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I am going through the exact same thing right now. It is very frustrating!!

Has anyone received their actual refund or is it not worth it?

I am going to report them to econsumer.gov

HORRIBLE!!! They need to be shut down!


I’m getting ready to return a dress! Has anyone actually received a refund?? This is so aggravating!!


The same happened to me.... they offer to 50% refund and to keep the dress...

And I was going to keep the dress and have it altered... However upon bringing it to a seamstress was told that they could not make it the way it should fit me...

so I will be stuck returning it for the full refund minus the shipping.... it was a very horrible shopping experience


I too bought from this company. I wish I had looked harder for reviews.

I bought a pair of shoes that smell of gasoline. Unwearable! I got the same emails you did. I'm at the return stage now.

I have also opened a dispute with my credit card company. I think I'll turn it all over to them. At this point, it's not about the money anymore. It cost me $16 to ship to me and it will cost me at least that to return.

The shoes were only $50 which should have been a clue right there.

Maybe with them on their backs, I'll actually get something back.

Has anyone ever gotten a true refund?


I wish I would have read your review prior to my order.

I am experiencing the same thing.

As a matter of fact, I will not order ANYTHING online from China. This is not the first incident I've had with people from China.


This is now happenings to me as well. in fact with the same exact responses via email when I requested a return authorization.

Did you ever get your refund? If not, I feel like I should maybe take their offer of the 40% refund and then keep the *** dress.


The exact same thing is happening to me. This is a horrible company. Can I ask how much you paid in postage to return the dress?


I had a bad experience too, i feel stoled, they are terrible,their customer service is awful.i dont recommend this online store


Omg! this is happening to me right now, same exact wording and giving me the run around, the dress is horrible, looks like a tent and has no shape to it, very unhappy with it and i'm thinking its better to just take the 40% refund because its expensive to mail it back to them and u aren't guaranteed they will get it, its so irritating because i spent months on their site trying to decide on a dress and all the reviews on there were amazing, too good to be true


I'm experiencing the exact same issue. We need to get the word out on social media and shut this company down.


I am having the same experience. The same exact wording etc.

I'm so angry. What a waste.

I bought 2 dresses....290. looks like i won't be getting any money back


Did anyone here actually get a refund?


I have experienced exactly the same situation. I am currently waiting for the return information.

Not happy ! Same delays and excuses.

I would not recommend purchasing anything from JJHouse. How much did you have to pay to send it to China?


I really wish I would have seen this before purchasing. I am going to hand it over the American Express and I am very tired of exchanging messages with "Customer Service".

Oh and the shipping charges to send back to China - a minimum of $65.00 and that is before adding return receipt information. I will NEVER purchase anything from this place again.

I will also warn everyone away from it.


Awfulll!!! Awfull!!! Awful!!!

Do NOT purchase from JJShouse under any circumstances!


Wow it appears many have gone before me. I am so frustrated with the same emails probably with the same person.

My guess is a sweat shop. I have been hit with this 3 times in the last year.

How do they expect business for their knock off products which look very nice, but are so mis shaped.

Chris Guan is the one you mail every thing back to. When you have a person named and not a company name it appears kind of fishy, the same way as the dress smelled either sardenes or sushi


I am going through the EXACT same thing right now! They will not let me return the dress. This is absolutely HORRIBLE!


The same exact thing happened to me. Same email wording and everything! I wish I would've seen this before I ordered from this company!


So I'm guessing the reason they want it by postal service is to deny receiving it. They are truly disgusting.


Wish I had seen this before I ordered my bridesmaid dress! Did you get your full refund after returning & how much was postage?

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